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Shapes the future of our black girls

Girl Stance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides monthly seminars and scholarships to social-emotional learning programs for females aged 13-24. Our partnering programs and communities help improve girls inner resources by addressing inhibited patterns at the level of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Guiding Young Hearts & Strengthening Inner Resources • Guiding Young Hearts & Strengthening Inner Resources •
Guiding Young Hearts & Strengthening Inner Resources • Guiding Young Hearts & Strengthening Inner Resources •

our mission

We are dedicated to creating a community for black girls rooted in mindfulness, mental health, and social grace to create a more harmonious society.

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Girl Stance provides mentorship programs, mindset training, and mental health resources to teen girls.


\ ˈstan(t)s \ noun

1. A mental or emotional position adopted with respect to something.
1a. Your stance on a particular matter is your attitude to it.
2a. Your stance is the way that you are standing.
mentorship programs for teen girls

did you know?

Black girls in grades 9-12, were 60 percent more likely to attempt suicide in 2019, as compared to others of the same age.

– Minority Health

Girl Stance provides a mindful school and social-emotional training that supports the future of teen girls and young women aged 13-24. Often forgotten about, our girls need tools that support life in the 20th century. 

Girl Stance advocates for a better tomorrow, TODAY.

mentorship programs for teen girls

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Females from 13 - 24

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mentorship programs for teen girls

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mentorship programs for teen girls

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At any age, being a woman is hard. Girl Stance believes in instilling self-love and life skills in our girls from the inside out.

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The PEAR Academy an Online Charm School

Ever heard of a Finishing School? This is our modern twist. We focus on the historic customs of social grace alongside mindfulness tools so that young women may understand the faculties of their mind and emotions. 

We offer programs for age groups 13-16 and 17-24.


mentorship programs for teen girls

Girl Stance gives our girls the tools to navigate the 21st century with grace.

Becoming whole is having awareness of the entire self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Belonging is a feeling of security and support. When we feel we belong, we can bring our authentic selves
to any situation that arises.

Civil behavior is recognizing, with childlike curiosity, that other people are different than you.

Civility is a voice that speaks from a respectful and grounded place.

Etiquette is the elevated physical and emotional regulation of self observed in physical and virtual spaces.

Vulnerable people are people who lack guiding principles to move the mind, body, and spirit forward together. It means communities that are less protected. Communities that are more open and susceptible to societal ills due to a number of reasons.

mentorship programs for teen girls

the podcast

"What She Said"

What She Said, is a space for black girls and young adults to transition into graceful, poise, and respected women, with unconditional acceptance of who they are and support for who they want to be.
In each episode, you’ll hear black girls 18-24 share stories similar to yours and speak their truth without feeling judged or guilty.

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