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The PEAR Academy

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Helping our black and brown girls navigate the world as it is today has never been more important.

We stand to make a difference to our tomorrow, today. Girl Stance’s is on a mission to help teens do the work.



The school for Poise, Elegance, Attitude, and Respect!

Ever heard of a Charm School? This is a modern twist! 

We focus on the historic customs of social grace alongside mindfulness tools so that young women may understand the faculties of their mind and emotions.

PEAR is an integration of the ancient and new-age ways of self-awareness and social behavior. Serving as an online supplemental program, PEAR is infused with social-emotional learning activites unqiuely curated to the social fabric of the black girl experience. This program is designed to strengthen personal and social development and cultivate a strong external foundation that supports refined thinking, self-confidence, and healthy boundaries.

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